Yoga Teacher Training Course

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The next course commences 2015.  The information below refers to this year’s course.  To register for 2015 please contact or phone Suzanne 0413 923 791.

$7500 Full Price Course
$400 Deposit Required to reserve your space.  Payment of fees thereafter will be of regular quarterly instalments.

Venue:  Nature Care Campus, 46 Nicholson Street, St Leonards

2014 Course dates:
February 8, 9
March 8, 9

April 4-8 (Residential)
May 3,4
June 14, 15
July, 12, 13
August 9, 10
September 13, 14
October 11, 12

November 8, 9
December 6, 7

February 7, 8
March 7, 8
April 11, 12

The curriculum comprises a comprehensive range of subjects based on the classical teachings and the practical implementation of the concept of yoga.  Lecturers are of the highest calibre and have extensive knowledge in their area of expertise.

History, traditions, philosophy and psychology of yoga
Introduction to classic paths: Bhakti, Hatha, Karma and Raja Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali
The Gunas
Yamas and Niyamas
General philosophy of yoga
Sanskrit terms
Chakras, Koshas

The Body and the Breath
Applied Anatomy and Physiology
Importance of the Breath
Body Correction / Movement
Yoga and Movement
What is safe yoga?

Yoga Asanas
Asanas and exercises, in a broad-based style of hatha yoga

Relaxation and special practices
Relaxation Methods
Bandhas, Kriyas, Mudras

Setting up and running a yoga business

Preparing a yoga class
Guidelines on preparing and handling a class
Handling various class situations, students with challenges
Communications skills
Yoga for children, teenagers, seniors
Yoga as an aid in pregnancy, asthma, the handicapped, back problems

Course Curriculum Outline