What makes IYTA different?

IYTA was founded by Roma Blair with a democratic vision for an Association not dominated by any one guru, embracing ancient teachings from several traditions adapted to Western culture (that is, outside an ashram). For its time in the 60\'s, it was extremely innovative and unique and what made IYTA so attractive to so many people wanting to be teachers.

IYTA major sponsor of Wanderlust

Join Mary-Louise Parkinson at this music and yoga festival being held on Cockatoo Island, Sydney.

Membership with IYTA

Membership is open to everyone. It provides a global network of information about yoga events and IYTA certified teachers, provides discounts on courses plus health provider status.

Yoga Teacher Training

Australia\'s longest running Diploma of Yoga Teaching. This 350+ hour course is based in Sydney and is also offered via correspondence.

Post Graduate Yoga Teaching (Level 2 Advanced), 9-10 May, Sydney

Module 1 - Advanced study of yoga energy systems koshas, bandhas, pranayama, prana vayus. Click above to register.

Post Graduate Yoga Teaching (Back Care), 11-12 April, Sydney

Module 1 - Foundation of back care - holistic approach to preventative injury, core stability and posture. Click above to register.

Diploma of Yoga Teaching, 7-8 February, Sydney

This course starts in two weeks! Click above to register.

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